We hosted a great tournament at the club. Great fencing from all. Kaveh Shafaie, Matthew Perkins, Danielle Tseng, Albert Polinskiy, Deep Gopani, Neal Gopani, Jacob Hazan, and Erica Yasharpour fenced lots of great bouts throughout the day. You can view the full results here.

The following fencers were able to earn/renew ratings:

Ali Shafaie – 1st place; Renewed B17

Nathan Peters – 3rd Place; Renewed C17

Jacob Mason – 3rd Place; Earned C17

Owen Walor – 5th Place; Renewed D17

Anika Patel – Tied for 6th; Renewed D17

Hannaan Choudhry – Tied for 6th; Earned D17


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