View all USFA-sanctioned tournaments here at Freehold Fencing!

  • These tournaments are held here at the academy, and have the potential to reward USFA ratings if all requirements are met! Our tournaments are typically held on Friday nights or Sunday mornings.
    • You can use the link above to preregister for the events and avoid walk-in fees.

Become a USFA Member/Renew your USFA Membership

  • This link takes you to the USA Fencing Membership portal. This link allows you to either:
    • Register for a USFA Membership (Create an Account and follow all directions)
    • Renew your USFA Membership (These expire on July 31 every year, so you will have to renew this for every season)

Register for Regional/National/International Competitions

  • This link takes you to the registration portal for all regional, national, and international events. Keep in mind that our region is Region 3, so any events held outside of Region 3 will not award points to our fencers. North American Cup (NAC) registrations are also done through this portal.
  • Every season, we try to get more of our fencers involved in the regional and national circuit! These difficult competitions allow them to prove themselves on a larger stage and fence against the best in our country!

View all upcoming local tournaments in our area!

  • This link will take you to and list all events within 100 miles of Freehold. Most of these tournaments are sanctioned by USA Fencing, so they have the potential to reward ratings. Check the “More-Info” section of the tournament to get all the information you need.