Photo Gallery

Our Y14 Women’s Foil team swept the podium in the NJ Division Summer National Qualifiers, all of them are qualified for 2024 National Championships in Columbus, OH! – May 2024

Jason Sobon and Vinil Polepalli medal in our May E & Under event! Jason earned his D24! – May 2024

John Sorsaia and Jason Sobon medal in our E & U event, John earned his D24 rating! – March 2024

Zoe Leeb with her silver medal at the NJ Division Division2 Summer National Qualifiers! – May 2024

Our Junior Women’s Epee team at the Junior Olympic Championships in Charlotte, NC! – February 2024

Our Y14 Women’s Foil team at the Buckie Leach RYC! – April 2024

Claire Lin places 5th in Y10 Women’s Foil at the Thrust RYC!

Madison Hoeker places 3rd at the NJ Division JO Qualifier for Junior Women’s Epee! Cadence Chang also placed 3rd in Cadet Women’s Epee to earn qualification for Charlotte JO’s. Elizabeth Bekiyants & Alexis Lezhansky competed in their first Cadet tournament as well! – December 2023

Chris Alexander places 1st at the NJ Division Cadet Epee JO Qualifier! – December 2023

Coach Kaveh Shafaie placed 5th overall at Temple Open in Men’s Foil! – November 2023

Our team at the November Unrated Epee event! Great work from all of them!

Our team at the Jersey Clash RYC/RJCC! Y14 Women’s Foil (Liza and Tanya), Cadet Men’s Foil (John, Kerem, and Vinil) – October 2023

Kerem Dulger earns E23 rating in our 14th Annual Tony Kestler Foil Open! Darby Ko and Tatyana Bulava also placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively! – October 2023

Jason Sobon earns E23 in Foil! Chris Alexander also placed 3rd! – September 2023

Sam Belokon earns D23 in Foil! Nathan Peters (2nd Place) and John Sorsaia (3rd Place)! – August 2023

Andres Trujillo earns E23 in Epee! Gerald Keener also placed 3rd! – June 2023

Sam Belokon earns E23 in Epee! Chris Alexander also placed 3rd! – July 2023

Will Chang in action at the Veteran 40 Men’s Foil NAC in St. Louis, MO! – April 2023

Kaveh Shafaie (Foil Captain) and the Rutgers Team place 2nd Overall @ National Club Championships in Fort Wayne, Indiana! – April 2023

Prisha Satish earns E23 in Foil with her 1st Place finish! – February 2023

Kaveh, Ali, and Nathan before the Division1 Men’s Foil NAC in Louisville, KY – January 2023
Trey Arico earns his D2022 rating with a 1st place finish in our E & U event. John Sorsaia finished in 3rd to renew his E! – November 2022

Ansh Puro earns his E22 rating in Epee with his gold medal finish in our Div2 Epee event! – November 2022
Our Y10 & Y12 Team at the Jersey Clash RYC! – October 2022
Our Y12 Foil squads at the Garden State RYC! – October 2022
Allie Halm fencing in the Junior Epee at the Garden State RJC! – October 2022
Callum Ray in action for us in Y10 Foil @ Jersey Clash RYC! – October 2022
Claire Lin places 8th at the Garden State RYC in Y10 Women’s Foil! – October 2022
Xiang Meng places 3rd in our E & Under Epee event and earns his E22 rating! – September 2022
Great performance from Ali and Shawn in our Open Epee event! They took 1st and 2nd, with Ali earning his A22 rating in Epee! – June 2022
Kaveh Shafaie renews A22 rating in Foil with his 1st place finish in our Open Foil event – June 2022
Callum Ray wins 1st place out of 17 fencers in our Y8 Foil event! – June 2022

John Lin wins our Y12 Foil event at the club, Tatyana Bulava placed 3rd as well! – June 2022

Shawn Agaon places 3rd in the Vladimir Gofman Epee Open – May 2022
Ali and Kaveh after a victory at the National Collegiate Club Championships – April 2022
Kaveh Shafaie representing team USA with Coach Ali at the Men’s Foil World Cup in Plovdiv, Bulgaria! – April 2022
Kaveh Shafaie before his PT64 bout in Plovdiv – April 2022
Kaveh Shafaie in action at the Men’s Foil World Cup in Plovdiv, Bulgaria! – April 2022
Kaveh Shafaie with his individual silver medal and team bronze with Rutgers University @ the National Club Championships! – April 2022
Dimitris Chatzikalfas with his bronze medal finish in Junior Epee @ the Duel of the East Coast RJCC, earning his B22 rating! – April 2022
Our team at the NJ Division Summer National Qualifiers for Div2 and Y14! – March 2022
Coach Mo with our Youth fencers – March 2022
Y12 Girls Foil podium from our March Youth Foil – March 2022
Garden State RJCC – Cadet Foil event – March 2022
Y14 Foil podium from our March Youth Foil event – March 2022
Y12 Boys Foil podium from our March Youth Foil event – March 2022
Y10 Foil podium from our March Youth Foil event – March 2022
Drew Visconti earns E22 in Foil after placing 1st at Peekskill FC’s tournament! – January 2022

Ethan Wen earns D22 rating in Epee after placing 1st! – January 2022
Kaveh and Ali before competing in the 2022 January NAC in San Jose, CA!
Rhea earns E22 rating in Foil! Kerem and Angelica place 2nd and 3rd, respectively! – January 2022
Ethan Agaon places 7th at the Santa Claus RJCC in King of Prussia, PA – December 2021
Ali, Shawn, Ethan, and Kaveh at the Junior and Div1 NAC in Columbus, OH – December 2021
Sam Belokon places 1st in E & Under Foil to earn his E21 rating – November 2021
Drew Visconti (1st) earns his E21 rating in Epee! Sam Belokon and Evelyn Agaon also placed 2nd and 3rd – November 2021
Yash Yagnik places 1st at Unrated Epee event in PA, earning his E21 rating! – November 2021
John Sorsaia (1st, earned E21 rating!) and Drew Visconti (3rd) on the podium for our Div2 Foil event – November 2021
Shawn Agaon and Dimitris Chatzikalfas with our coaches after taking Gold and Bronze in Div3 Epee – November 2021
Finalists in our 12th Annual Tony Kestler Open Foil! Our top finishers were Kaveh Shafaie (1st), Ali Shafaie (2nd), and Nick Reznick (3rd)! – October 2021
Xiang Meng (1st) earns E21 rating in Foil! John Sorsaia and Drew Visconti place 3rd. (October 2021)
Ryan Kucharczyk and Dimitris Chatzikalfas with Ali @ the Jersey Clash RJCC (October 2021)
Coach Albert’s 80th birthday! (October 2021)
Epee captain Jeremy Lesser committed to the University of Connecticut Class of 2025! (May 2021)
Y10 Foil finalists @ our 11th Annual Tony Kestler event! We had Daniel Pecoraro place 2nd, and Landen Harry/Luke Izdebski finished 3rd.
Arnav Sunkavalli (2nd) and Ethan Wen (3rd) on the podium after their finishes in E & Under Epee! (April 2021)

Nick Reznick earns C21 rating in Epee (1st place) and Ali Shafaie (3rd place) after their finishes in Div2 Epee! (March 2021)

Our coaches pictured with Kaveh Shafaie (renewed A21), James Garr (earned C21), and Nick Reznick after their top-4 finishes in our Open Foil event! – March 2021

Hallie Tiburzi earns E21 rating with her gold medal finish! – March 2021

Finalists from our Div3 Foil event on 3/26/2021! Charlie Daum earned a D21 rating with his gold medal finish.

John Sorsaia and Sam Belokon place 1st and 2nd in our Y14 Foil event! (November 2020)

Nathan Peters earns his C20 rating in Epee! (November 2020)
Kaveh Shafaie goes around the head @ the Junior Olympics in Columbus, OH! (February 2020)
Thomas Levchook and Jeremy Lesser in the Div2 Epee event at the Gold Finch ROC! (January 2020)
Team Freehold at the January NAC in Charlotte, NC! (January 2020)
James Garr after he qualified for D2/D3 Foil at Summer Nationals in the Gold Finch ROC! (January 2020)

Nick Reznick and Thomas Levchook at the Cobra RYC! (December 2019)

Trey Arico and Sam Belokon at the Cobra RYC! (December 2019)

Kaveh Shafaie and Ali Shafaie earn gold and silver in the Tony Kestler Open! (November 2019)

Nathan Peters (1st) earns his C19 and Thomas Levchook (3rd) earns his D19 in Epee! (October 2019)

James Garr, Ethan Wen, and Xiang Meng at the Premier RYC competing in Y14 Foil! (September 2019)

Trey Arico earns the bronze medal at the Premier RYC in Y12 Epee! (September 2019)

Top 4 at the Gene Packer Open Foil! (August 2019)

3rd Annual Gene Packer Open Foil Top 8! (August 2019)

Kaveh, Hassaam, Hannaan, Nick, Ali, Devin, Hassan, and Thomas on a day of tough competition @ Summer Nationals! (July 2019)

Ali Shafaie, Kaveh Shafaie, and Nathan Peters defeat the JO Champions to clinch a spot in the top 8 of Senior Team Foil @ Summer Nationals in Columbus, OH! (July 2019)

Thomas Levchook (3rd) earns E19 and Nick Reznick (2nd) renews E19! (June 2019)

Devin Gasiorowski earns his E19 in Foil while Deep Gopani and Bill Zhang tie for 3rd! (June 2019)

Bill Zhang (1st) earns his E19 in Foil alongside teammates James Garr (2nd) and Deep Gopani (5th). (May 2019)

Nathan Peters (1st) and Nick Reznick (3rd) earn their D19 and E19 in Epee, respectively! (May 2019)

Kaveh Shafaie and Coach Mo celebrate a victory to renew Kaveh’s A rating! (May 2019)

Hassan Choudhry (1st) earns E19 with teammate Thomas Levchook (2nd)! (May 2019)

Our Epee team before they fenced in the NJ Division qualifier! (April 2019)

Ali Shafaie (1st) earns A19 rating while Kaveh Shafaie and Nathan Peters tie for 3rd! (April 2019)

Ali Shafaie and Devin Gasiorowski before he qualified for D2 and D3 at Summer Nationals! (April 2019)

Nick Reznick in action during his gold medal finish in Cadet Foil at the Garden State RYC! (March 2019)

Coach Mo with James Garr, Sam Belokon, and Bryant Barca at the NJFA RYC (March 2019)

Trey Arico earns 8th place finish at the RYC in Y12 Epee (March 2019)

Our Junior Foil team at the JO’s in Denver, Colorado! (February 2019)

Kaveh Shafaie in action at the final Cadet European Cup in Rome, Italy! (January 2019)

Nick Reznick (1st) earns C19 rating!

Kaveh Shafaie and Team USA earn silver medal in the Team event at Cadet World Cup in Bratislava, Slovakia! (January 2019)

Devin Gasiorowski (1st) earns his D18 rating and Jeremy Lesser (3rd) earns his E18 rating! (December 2018)

Team USA at the Cadet World Cup in Austria (November 2018)

Kaveh Shafaie at his first Cadet World Cup in Modling, Austria! (November 2018)

Kaveh Shafaie (3rd) and Nathan Peters (8th) on the medal podium at the Durkan RJCC (September 2018)

Nathan Peters and Ali Shafaie after upsetting the #1 seed with a 15-14 win at the Durkan RJCC (September 2018)

Coach Mo with Elena Vona and Anika Patel before they fenced in the DivII National Championships in St. Louis, MO. (July 2018)

Devin Gasiorowski earns E rating in Epee! (June 2018)

Nick Reznick, Doug Lauricella, and James Garr before they fenced in the Y14 Team Championships in Baltimore, MD. (March 2018)

Top 8 of our Open Foil on 2/25.

Our Junior Foil team with Coach Mo in Memphis, TN! – February 2018

Ali Shafaie places 5th in Lilov RJCC. – December 2017

Medalists at our 8th Annual Tony Kestler Open. Nathan Peters earns B17 and Bobby Reasor earns E17! – November 2017

Ali Shafaie lunging and scoring in Kansas City, MO. – November 2017

Ali and Kaveh Shafaie with Team USA teammate Hans Kaiser at Senior Satellite tournament – London, UK (September 2017)

Anika Patel earns E17 in Epee! – October 2017

Top 8 of the Gene Packer Open Foil; Nathan Peters and Ali Shafaie tie for 3rd – August 2017

Ali Shafaie and Nathan Peters (tied for 3rd) at Gene Packer Open Foil!- August 2017

Nick Reznick earns E17 in Foil! – August 2017

Jacob Hazan earns E17 in Sabre! – August 2017

Anika Patel finishes 2nd in Div 3 Women Foil at Summer Nationals!

Ali Shafaie wins National Championship in Epee @ Salt Lake City, UT!

Ali Shafaie and Kaveh Shafaie – Silver and Bronze @ June Open Foil!

May Open Foil – Ali Shafaie renews B; Jacob Mason and Nathan Peters earn C17!

Youth fencers before Y12-Y14 event at the club on 5/7/2017!

Nathan Peters renews E17 in Epee on 5/5/2017!

Ali and Kaveh Shafaie after earning their D and E rating (respectively) in Sabre!

Devin Gasiorowski and James Garr in BCAF on 3/5/2017!

Elena Vona takes 2nd at BCAF Open – March 2017


Bobby Reasor, Matt Perkins, Ali Shafaie, Kaveh Shafaie, and Anika Patel at Independent State Championships!


Anika Patel takes 7th in Cadet Foil at Capitol Clash SYC!


Matt Perkins earns C rating, Anika Patel renews D rating – November 2016doug-and-nick

Doug Lauricella and Nick Reznick tie for 3rd place in BCAF – November 2016


Kaveh Shafaie A rating Podium – Richmond, VA December 2016 NAC


Kaveh Shafaie and Coach Mo – December NAC 2016 – Richmond, VA


Kaveh Shafaie earns his A rating in Richmond, VA – December 2016


Thomas Levchook – 5th Place in Durkan RYC – October 2016