Photo Gallery

Thomas Levchook (3rd) earns E19 and Nick Reznick (2nd) renews E19! (June 2019)

Devin Gasiorowski earns his E19 in Foil while Deep Gopani and Bill Zhang tie for 3rd! (June 2019)

Bill Zhang (1st) earns his E19 in Foil alongside teammates James Garr (2nd) and Deep Gopani (5th). (May 2019)

Nathan Peters (1st) and Nick Reznick (3rd) earn their D19 and E19 in Epee, respectively! (May 2019)

Kaveh Shafaie and Coach Mo celebrate a victory to renew Kaveh’s A rating! (May 2019)

Hassan Choudhry (1st) earns E19 with teammate Thomas Levchook (2nd)! (May 2019)

Our Epee team before they fenced in the NJ Division qualifier! (April 2019)

Ali Shafaie (1st) earns A19 rating while Kaveh Shafaie and Nathan Peters tie for 3rd! (April 2019)

Ali Shafaie and Devin Gasiorowski before he qualified for D2 and D3 at Summer Nationals! (April 2019)

Coach Mo with James Garr, Sam Belokon, and Bryant Barca at the NJFA RYC (March 2019)

Trey Arico earns 8th place finish at the RYC in Y12 Epee (March 2019)

Our Junior Foil team at the JO’s in Denver, Colorado! (February 2019)

Kaveh Shafaie in action at the final Cadet European Cup in Rome, Italy! (January 2019)

Nick Reznick (1st) earns C19 rating!

Kaveh Shafaie and Team USA earn silver medal in the Team event at Cadet World Cup in Bratislava, Slovakia! (January 2019)

Devin Gasiorowski (1st) earns his D18 rating and Jeremy Lesser (3rd) earns his E18 rating! (December 2018)

Team USA at the Cadet World Cup in Austria (November 2018)

Kaveh Shafaie at his first Cadet World Cup in Modling, Austria! (November 2018)

Kaveh Shafaie (3rd) and Nathan Peters (8th) on the medal podium at the Durkan RJCC (September 2018)

Nathan Peters and Ali Shafaie after upsetting the #1 seed with a 15-14 win at the Durkan RJCC (September 2018)

Coach Mo with Elena Vona and Anika Patel before they fenced in the DivII National Championships in St. Louis, MO. (July 2018)

Devin Gasiorowski earns E rating in Epee! (June 2018)

Nick Reznick, Doug Lauricella, and James Garr before they fenced in the Y14 Team Championships in Baltimore, MD. (March 2018)

Top 8 of our Open Foil on 2/25.

Our Junior Foil team with Coach Mo in Memphis, TN! – February 2018

Ali Shafaie places 5th in Lilov RJCC. – December 2017

Medalists at our 8th Annual Tony Kestler Open. Nathan Peters earns B17 and Bobby Reasor earns E17! – November 2017

Ali Shafaie lunging and scoring in Kansas City, MO. – November 2017

Ali and Kaveh Shafaie with Team USA teammate Hans Kaiser at Senior Satellite tournament – London, UK (September 2017)

Anika Patel earns E17 in Epee! – October 2017

Top 8 of the Gene Packer Open Foil; Nathan Peters and Ali Shafaie tie for 3rd – August 2017

Ali Shafaie and Nathan Peters (tied for 3rd) at Gene Packer Open Foil!- August 2017

Nick Reznick earns E17 in Foil! – August 2017

Jacob Hazan earns E17 in Sabre! – August 2017

Anika Patel finishes 2nd in Div 3 Women Foil at Summer Nationals!

Ali Shafaie wins National Championship in Epee @ Salt Lake City, UT!

Ali Shafaie and Kaveh Shafaie – Silver and Bronze @ June Open Foil!

May Open Foil – Ali Shafaie renews B; Jacob Mason and Nathan Peters earn C17!

Youth fencers before Y12-Y14 event at the club on 5/7/2017!

Nathan Peters renews E17 in Epee on 5/5/2017!

Ali and Kaveh Shafaie after earning their D and E rating (respectively) in Sabre!

Devin Gasiorowski and James Garr in BCAF on 3/5/2017!


Elena Vona takes 2nd at BCAF Open – March 2017

 Bobby Reasor, Matt Perkins, Ali Shafaie, Kaveh Shafaie, and Anika Patel at Independent State Championships!

 Anika Patel takes 7th in Cadet Foil at Capitol Clash SYC!


Matt Perkins earns C rating, Anika Patel renews D rating – November 2016doug-and-nick

Doug Lauricella and Nick Reznick tie for 3rd place in BCAF – November 2016

kaveh-podiumKaveh Shafaie A rating Podium – Richmond, VA December 2016 NAC

kaveh-a-medal Kaveh Shafaie and Coach Mo – December NAC 2016 Richmond, VA

Kkaveh-a Kaveh Shafaie earns his A rating in Richmond, VA


Thomas Levchook – 5th Place RYC October 2016