We had 5 fencers compete in the 2020 USA Junior Olympic Championships in Columbus, OH. It was a great weekend for all of them, as they all won at least half of their pool bouts in their respective individual events! In the team event, our team of Ali Shafaie, Kaveh Shafaie, and Nathan Peters placed 9th overall out of 38 teams! They lost 45-42 in the round of 16 to San Francisco Fencer’s Club. In the Junior event, Kaveh Shafaie went undefeated in the pools and ended 35th out of 340+ fencers. Nathan Peters was ranked 177th after the pools, but after back-to-back upset victories (15-14 and 15-7), he made it to the table of 64 and earned his first Junior National points! Ali Shafaie went 5-1 in the pool round, won his first DE 15-6, but lost 15-12 in the round of 128. Nick Reznick went 3-2 in his pool and lost 15-7 in the round of 256.

In the Cadet event, James Garr made his debut in the Cadet NAC circuit, going 3-3 in pools and losing 15-10 in the round of 256. Nick Reznick went 4-2 in the pool, and won one DE before losing in the round of 128. Great work from our fencers and we will continue to work hard and improve for the next one!

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