We had a great showing by our fencers in the 12th Annual Tony Kestler youth and open events! We had events from Y8 all the way to Senior over the course of two days. Our results in each event are listed below:

Full results for the youth events here!

Full results for the Senior Open Foil here!

Senior Open – Kaveh Shafaie (1st), Ali Shafaie (2nd), Nick Reznick (3rd), James Garr (8th), Drew Visconti (12th), Xiang Meng (13th), Angelica Vellore/Ethan Wen (tie 14th)

Y14 Foil – John Sorsaia (1st), Sammy Belokon (2nd), Kerem Dulger (8th), Lily Allen (9th)

Y12 Foil – Andrew Vellore (3rd), Sebastian Principato (5th)

Y10 Foil – Landen Harry (2nd), John Lin (3rd), Michelle Petrov (5th), William Khasianov (6th)

Y8 Foil – Callum Ray (2nd), Claire Lin (3rd), Joseph Zavalkov (5th)


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