Huge congratulations to Ali Shafaie for taking 1st place in our Open Epee and earning his B22 rating. He lead the way as 5 Freehold fencers placed in the top 8. Ali came out of the pools with a 3-1 record, but won 5 elimination bouts in a row to secure 1st place. We also had Ethan Agaon (3rd) overcome a 3-2 pool round with 3 wins in the DE’s to make the semi-finals before losing to clubmate Ali. Our full roster finished with:

  • Ali Shafaie – 1st
  • Ethan Agaon – 3rd
  • Dimitris Chatzikalfas/Shawn Agaon – tied for 5th
  • Nick Reznick – 7th
  • Drew Visconti – 9th (renewed E22 rating)
  • Jeremy Lesser – 13th
  • Evelyn Agaon – 18th
  • Ryan Kucharczyk – 20th
  • Allie Halm – 23rd
  • Gerald Keener – 25th
  • Ethan Wen – 26th
  • Oksana Kopylenko – 28th

View the full results here!

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