Trey Arico and James Garr medal in the Premier RYC!

We had fencers compete in all three days of the Premier RYC this past weekend. On the first day in Y14 Foil, James Garr placed 6th after winning 4 of 5 pool bouts and winning 2 rounds of DEs. Trey Arico placed 14th on Saturday in Y12 Foil, but on the next day he pulled off 2 upsets as the #11 seed in Y12 Epee to come along and finish 3rd. He missed out on the finals with a 15-14 loss in the semis. This is a list of our fencers put in great work and picked up several victories:

  • Trey Arico – Y12 Epee & Y12 Foil
  • James Garr – Y14 & Cadet Foil
  • Nick Reznick – Cadet & Junior Foil
  • Nathan Peters – Junior Foil
  • Ethan Wen – Y14 Foil
  • Xiang Meng – Y14 Foil
  • Danielle Tseng – Junior Foil
  • Anika Patel – Junior Foil
  • Owen Walor – Junior Foil
  • Riley Walor – Y12 Foil