Our Youth Teams competed in the Jersey Clash RYC/RCC on October 15-16 and the Garden State RYC/RJC on October 22-23. Great showing from our new fencers, who all got their first regional experience during these events. Many of our fencers were able to pick up several victories and gain lots of experience in difficult fields. Some of our top finishes came from:

  • Shawn Agaon – 3rd in Junior Epee @ Garden State RJC
  • Claire Lin – 6th in Y10 Foil @ Jersey Clash RYC, 8th in Y10 Foil @ Garden State RYC
  • Ethan Wen – 14th in Cadet Epee @ Jersey Clash RCC
  • Ethan Agaon – 15th in Junior Epee @ Garden State RJC
  • Tatyana Bulava – 14th in Y12 Foil @ Garden State RYC
  • Callum Ray – 15th in Y10 Foil @ Garden State RYC
  • Evelyn Agaon – 14th in Y14 Epee @ Garden State RYC

We also had awesome hard work from:

  • Ryan Kucharczyk (Junior Epee)
  • John Sorsaia (Junior Foil)
  • John Lin (Y12 Foil)
  • Landen Harry (Y12 Foil)
  • Lucas Xu (Y12 Foil)
  • Elizabeth Bekiyants (Y12 Foil)
  • Corinna Potavin (Y12 Foil)
  • Ryan Harry (Y12 Foil)
  • Allie Halm (Junior Epee)
  • Andrew Vellore (Y14 Foil)
  • Sam Belokon (Y14 Foil)
  • Dimitris Chatzikalfas (Junior Epee)

Check out our photos from the two regional events held in Metuchen!

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