We had a great week of competing at the Summer Nationals in Minneapolis this year. For one week, we had our fencers compete in various age groups and ranked divisions. Our best result came from Ethan Agaon, who placed 16th out of 252 competitors. He was seeded 139 after the pool rounds, but with an amazing showing in 4 consecutive elimination bouts he got to the table of 16. He lost 15-9 to Jeyoon (#4 cadet in the country) from Virginia, but it was an amazing result! Other highlights included Allie Halm finishing 25th in the Division3 Women’s Epee (lost in overtime to advance to the top 16), and Shawn Agaon (55th in Junior Epee) earned more Junior National Points with this finish!

Our full list of competitors:

Ethan Agaon – Cadet & Junior Epee

Evelyn Agaon – Y14 Epee

Shawn Agaon – Cadet & Junior Epee

Sam Belokon – Y14 Foil

John Lin – Y10 Foil

Claire Lin – Y10 Foil

Allie Halm – Division 2 & Division 3 Epee

Ali Shafaie – Division 1A Foil

Kaveh Shafaie – Division 1 Foil

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