Big congratulations to our fencers, John Sorsaia and Mahi Shah, on their 1st place finishes in our E & Under events! John finished the pools undefeated and came into the DEs as the #1 seed. He won the bouts leading up to the finals where he won 15-10 for his D rating! Mahi also went undefeated in the Women’s event, where she got to the finals and got a 15-10 final victory as well. Thanks to our fencers for their hard work as well, we had a great showing from Jason Sobon (3rd in Men’s)! Gwen Ramos & Alexis Lezhansky placed 3rd in the Women’s event. View the full results here!

Men’s Foil:

  • John Sorsaia (1st)
  • Jason Sobon (3rd)
  • Kerem Dulger (5th)
  • Vinil Polepalli (6th)
  • Lucas Xu (7th)
  • Van Jones (9th)
  • Jack Schatzle (10th)
  • Nathan Ezekiel (11th)
  • Dylan Stefko (12th)
  • Ethan Wen (13th)
  • Chris Alexander (14th)

Women’s Foil

  • Mahi Shah (1st)
  • Alexis Lezhansky (3rd)
  • Gwen Ramos (3rd)

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