We held a great event with 32 total competitors (7 in the Women’s event, 25 in the Mixed event) last night! Our best finish came from Trey Arico, who placed 3rd in the mixed event and earned his E22 rating. Trey was 1st place out of the pool round, with 4 wins and a +16 indicator. He won 2 DE’s to make the semi-finals before losing to the eventual winner. We also had great work from Drew Visconti (11th), Xiang Meng (12th), Rhea Menon (14th), Dylan Tchigirinski (19th), and Max Mazo (23rd).

In the Women’s event, we had Isabel Wong (5th) and Angelica Vellore (7th) compete. They each picked up several victories and gained valuable experience as they get ready for the new season! Kaitlin Cheung (Manchen/Rutgers) was the winner and earned her E22 rating! Great job everyone.

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